KATANA’s results

As of December 31st 2017, the Katana‘s crowdfunding/contest has ended. Sadly, Olivenia did not make it to the first 3 contesters in the Precision Agriculture Services category (i.e. the three proposals getting the most campaign funds).

Accordingly, and given the lack of necessary funds to initiate the gargantuan project of creating the Olivenia as we envisioned it, our team will attempt to return all backers’ pledges. As it is not yet evident if charges will be applicable for the return of the funds, we are also exploring alternative ideas (such as providing the olive produces of Olivenia’s e-shop to the respective backers while not providing the actual Olivenia service).

As soon as we’ve got news from Katana’s organisers on the matter, we’ll let all interested parties know.

Our belief on Olivenia is still firm and thus our immediate plans include

  • a full-team “internal investigation” in order to identify what went wrong in our campaign (i.e. find our shortcommings and correct them),
  • update of the time-plan for the creation and launching of Olivenia,
  • identification of alternative means of funding (VCs, key partnerships, etc),
  • … many more actions.

All in all, Katana‘s crowdfunding/contest has indeed been a very interesting and valuable experience and it’s take-aways will undoubtedly help Olivenia become much more business-efficient and market-ready.

Most of all though, our sincere gratitude and thanks go to all of you that in any way put your faith in us and Olivenia.

Happy new year.

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