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Did you know that olive oil is not only super tasty but also very good to your health? Research shows that among other benefits, a Mediterranean-style moderate-fat diet including olive oil is superior to low-fat diets and actually helps you lose weight.

Still, despite millennia of tradition and technological breakthroughs in olive cultivation, olives have a big enemy, the “olive fruit fly”, that destroys olives.

The solution is Olivenia. A central system that collects information about the olive fruit fly and various diseases of olive trees and advises farmers about the appropriate actions.

We need you to help us raise money to develop Olivenia and save olive production and in exchange for your pledges we provide some excellent rewards.

Act now and be a part of Olivenia’s goal to save olive production

The situation today

Recently, the primary sector has been receiving increasing attention both at national and global level aiming at the quality of nutrition. 93% of worldwide olive production comes from Spain, Italy and Greece that treat olive farming not only from a solely economic point of view but as a way of living, too. Pests and diseases of the olive tree can cause damage, if not addressed, reaching levels of up to 80% of the production. The most common pest, the olive fruit-fly is extremely difficult to tackle with current suppression methods. Existing methods (biotech, growth regulators, symbiotic bacteria destruction, pests’ technical sterilization, etc.) in order to be efficient & effective require information/prediction on the of the biological cycle of the pest that is not currently available.

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The solution of Olivenia

Olivenia uses ICT technologies in order to help olive farmers to effectively and efficiently tackle the diseases and pests of olive trees by providing detail instructions on the least harmful possible required preventive and therapeutic actions in order to maintain quality and quantity of crop. ICT methods will allow not only for easy pertinent data collection by the farmers and fast prediction activities on the threats of the crop but also for knowledge mining and extraction from collected data that would otherwise be very hard to do manually and are necessary for better crop management. Olivenia will provide olive farmers with

  • virtual cropland management using state of the art graphical interface,
  • smartphone applications that will allow hassle-free collection of information from the olive-fruit fly traps set on olive trees,
  • smart-traps that will minimise the required manual activity performed at the traps using an array of sensors and wireless connectivity capability,
  • information on the actions required in order to tackle the pests,
  • olive-fruit fly outbreak predictions and necessary treatment recommendations.

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Benefits for farmers using Olivenia

Use of Olivenia is expected to increase production from a modest 10% to a breath-taking 20%, by solely performing the usual suppresing the olive-fruit fly but in the effective and efficient way of Olivenia.

Accordingly, using the safe assumptions of (a) 5 liters per olive-tree, (b) mean 15% of production increase due to Olivenia’s use and (c) gain of 3.200,00 € per olive oil tonne, farmers using Olivenia achieve a break-even (cost of Olivenia’s service is the same as the profit made by its use) within the first 2 years of the 5year subscription. This is true even for very small olive groves of 100 olive trees.

Of course, for larger olive groves, farmers achieve net profit at the end of the first year of 5years subscription.

Using the perpetual subscription (pay once & use forever), farmers with olive groves as small as 250 olive trees break-even on 5 years and subsequently have only net profit from using Olivenia.

Olivenia’s crowdfunding subscriptions

Market opportunity

The increasing popularity of the healthy Mediterranean diet, and especially olive oil, has more than doubled demand for olive oil in other countries (apart from the 3 main producers) during the past 20 years.

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A lot of research is available but no ready-to-use, business-strength, farmer-friendly software exists. Olivenia seeks to change this.

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Revenue model

Subscription-based for the olive-grove cataloguing & prediction services, provided as a SaaS. More details will be announced soon (approx. at November 2017)

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What are we planing to do with the proceeds

Proceeds will be used to (a) obtain and dispatch rewards from the our e-shop, and (b) to create the Olivenia system.

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Related academic research for all claims of this section are available at https://Olivenia.com/related-research/. Terms and Conditions apply.