Questions & answers

  • What’s Olivenia?

    Olivenia is an informational system (webpage and smartphone apps) that allow olive producers to tackle the olive-fruit fly and the diseases of the olive tree.
  • Is Olivenia ready, can you show me the webpage or the apps?

    It’s not ready yet 🙁 A litany of Olivenia’s parts are under development but much work is still needed to be a business-strength product. More
  • Why do you need contributions?

    Just a part of Olivenia is ready. The rest will be developed using the funds won from the European project KATANA. In order to win KATANA though we must collect contributions from the public (crowdfunding).
  • KATANA, what’s that now?

    KATANA is a EU Horizon2020 project that besides its fundamental actions on the promotion of ICT in the agrifood sector, it also funds new ideas, Olivenia got the fourth position at the initial sorting of ideas from a pool of approx. 600 ideas from all over the Europe. Not too shabby, eh?!
  • So my contribution supports something I couldn’t care less for?

    Of course not! In reality Olivenia’s development is not depending on contributions from the public. Public contributions are matched into (using almost whole sale prices) olive-oil products. In other words: you shop olive oil and we, if we win the KATANA contest, get to complete Olivenia and save the olive-oil production.
  • Something’s fishy here: how do you get to win KATANA if my contribution is returned to me in equal value olive oil?

    In order to win KATANA we have to be in the first three largest contribution fund collectors from KATANA’s campaigns and then KATANA will fund Olivenia with 100k euro in order to complete Olivenia. Thus, contribution funds are matched in olive-oil products while in order to complete Olivenia we depend on the 100k of KATANA.
  • I see, so what olive-oil products do you have?

    Our campaign offers a wide variety of such products in These will be available to contributors after the end of the KATANA contest (end of Dec 2017). Thus, the only issue is that you pay now for your contribution but get the products at the beginning of 2018 and you help us save live-oil production.
  • What about the farmer contributions (500, 3k & 5k euro)?

    These are a special case that are meant for olive-tree farmers. Any such contributors do not get olive-oil products are rewards but a licence to use Olivenia when it’s ready at price significantly lower than the street price that will cost when ready. Thus, we use the early funds to supplement the completion cost of Olivenia and farmers get the same quality service, that would anyhow require to save their production, at a much lower cost.
  • I’m an olive-tree farmer, what type of contribution do you have?

    Olive-tree farmers have 3 dedicated options that feature as a reward a subscription to use Olivenia when ready (approx. Nov 2018) in a significantly lower price than the street price that will cost when ready. More
  • Ιs it really in the financial interest of an olive-oil producer to fund such a contribution?

    Use of Olivenia has been shown (using simulations) to increase olive-trees’ production by 10%-20%, thus the contributions’ cost amortisation is just an issue of time and subscription type. Details on
  • I’m an olive-oil producer and you convinced me. What do I get when Olivenia’s ready?

    To begin with, you’ll get a licence to use Olivenia with features such as updated on your smartphone on the outbreaks of dacus. If your contribution id at the 5k euro level (and you’re in Greece or can pay for transportation) you’ll also get smart McPhail traps that minimise to the least possible extend the manual required activities on them (fly counting and meteorological measurements).
  • Why do we have to make the contributions at the KATANA website and not the Olivenia website?

    It’s a prerequisite of the KATANA project.
  • So, keeping it short, how’s the whole contribution process ?

    Make your contribution at the KATANA website Then we send you misc information messages regarding your contribution. When we’re ready (early Dec 2017) Olivenia’s website allows for products’ selection through our e-shop and at ealy Jan 2018 you receive your reward products. More