Terms & conditions

While we setup a more detailed documentation, the following terms & conditions apply

  1. Purchases in https://olivenia.com are restricted only for supporters of our campaign found in https://katanareward.opencircleproject.com/campaign/119/olivenia
  2. Wherever “forever”/”perpetual” is stated as far as the subscriptions of Olivenia are concerned, this refers to a subscription that has no end (i.e. once paid and without expiration) as long as all the following criteria hold:
    • Olivenia exists as a company, AND
    • Olivenia is run by Creative Web Applications P.C., AND
    • Olivenia offers to its customers the same SaaS product the “forever”/”perpetual” subscription refers to.
  3. The declared increase of production by use of Olivenia is a prediction that have been tested through computer simulation and has been known to vary in degree.