What are we planing to do with the proceeds

The collected proceeds will be used solely to (a) buy and dispatch rewards from our e-shop, and (b) to create the olivenia system.

The former is almost straightforward, the latter will require hiring high expertise personnel for the development and making business-ready Olivenia. Olivenia’s development is a gargantuan project that includes numerous milestones:

  • Business plan & Feasibility study – Actions related to standardization of the project’s results allowing direct use after the end of the project as a new software product in business environment by conducting a fully fledged business plan. Documentation of the economic exploitation of the idea, definition of the market addressed, design parameters of economic exploitation, the way of usage & exploitation & the potential of intellectual property copyright rights management
  • Existing research – Report on the principles & requirements set by the existing research activities & existing systems
  • Requirements – Identification of functional requirements of Olivenia that will be the pivot for the rest of the actions/deliverables
  • User-validation – User-validation activities and application of findings
  • Life-cycle simulation prediction – Development of new software for the precise biological cycle of the olive fruit fly with inclusion of meteorological characteristics
  • Life-cycle spatial & temporal dimensions – Development of new software for the pest population movement taking into account the geographical data of each olive grove
  • Database – Design and development of the database used for the managed of information by Olivenia
  • Web based user interface – Develop a friendly user interface for Olivenia supporting all categories of users depending on the range of operating rights
  • Back-end service – Design & implementation of business logic of Olivenia with use of API calls to the server
  • Mobile applications – Design & development of mobile platform applications in the native programming language for the android & iOS operating systems
  • System integration – Integration of the modules in order to develop the final system, performing full specifications